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Creative Craftsmanship - Sustainable Products - Custom Design

At Carver Craftworks, we blend your custom design with creative craftsmanship and a commitment to sustainably produced handmade products. Each piece we create tells a unique story, reflecting our passion for excellence and heritage craftsmanship. As an Austin Original family-owned business, we understand the importance of treating each and every customer as a member of our community and are absolutely committed to providing you with the finest locally sourced sustainably harvested decor.

Creative Craftsmanship

Our uncompromising focus on long-lasting craftsmanship and top-quality materials, ensures our finished products will last for generations. We have access to an amazing collection of locally salvaged native species, including Texas Black Walnut! With that guiding principle at the heart of our process, we begin by looking for fresh approaches to traditional items. Our goal is to create practical objects imbued with uncommon beauty; articles that are meant to be used and reflected upon. These creations are manufactured to remain beautiful, even after years of use, because we infuse every aspect of their workmanship with technique and artistry. With 20 years of creative craftmanship and design experience, we look forward to bringing beautiful elements into your living space. 


Sustainability is at the core of our craft and design principles, and with our passionate insistence on utilizing only the finest materials in our manufacturing process, we can be certain that our products will have a long, useful lifespan. Selecting only locally sourced, salvaged and reclaimed lumber is the first part of that commitment. One of the great advantages of building with wood is just how durable and resilient it can be, with simple care and light maintenance our articles will last for generations and no part of our slabs will be wasted. The smallest pieces are burned to heat our home and the sawdust is used as bedding for our chickens! The epoxies we utilize are food grade, UV resistant, no VOC and always manufactured in the United States with minimal petroleum distillates. Our finishes are all-natural, food grade and VOC free which guarantees that our wood products can be easily maintained and will remain alluring for generations to come.

Custom Design

Custom design is all about YOU, and we truly enjoy the process of getting to know the folks we are collaborating with and building for. Bespoke craft allows us to efficiently utilize your entire space and ensures that the finished product is tailored to your home or office. For our team, it all begins with communication and understanding your needs and vision, we will work with you throughout the design and manufacturing process to breathe life into your dream and curate a selection of slabs that are suited to your desires, so you get exactly the wood species and shape you are looking for. Your custom design will have a clearly agreed upon schedule with regular updates and photos of the progress on your project and allows you more control over the details that matter most to you. We look forward to putting our expertise at the service of your vision to build your next centerpiece, let's collaborate today!

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