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How to mount and hang your new wall art.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new wall art, we hope you enjoy and admire it as much as we do. Your wall art is a completely unique piece of art and comes with sturdy mounting options for both vertical and horizontal positions. The bear claw screws included with your package are rated to 100 pounds in wood or drywall with no predrilling or anchors necessary.

To mount your wall art you will need a few basic tools;

Drill with philips head bit

Measuring tape

Masking tape

Step stool

Small level


1. Select your mounting location. Take into consideration where you want the center of the piece to lay and remember the top of the piece will be 1 inch higher than your marks. Lightly mark the center of the piece and the height you would like the top of the piece to hang by measuring up off the floor and making a level mark horizontally at that height, 2 small level marks are sufficient about 6 inches apart.

Back of art piece with tape for ease of installation

2. Select your mounting style; Horizontal or vertical. On the back of your wall art, place a single length of masking tape over the corresponding mounting brackets on the back of your piece and poke a small hole through the tape at the upper part of the bracket as shown in the photo. Mark the center of the piece on your tape.

3. Remove the masking tape from the back of your piece and place it on your wall at the proper height, level with your marks with the center mark of the art aligned on the tape and wall. Double check that you have the tape at the correct height and that the masking tape is level. The 2 holes in your tape now correspond to the location of your screws. Mark each of these locations, and remove the masking tape. Double check that the distance between the marks on the wall correspond to the distance between the peaks of the mounting brackets.

4. Using your drill, carefully install the bear claw screws into the wall. Go slow and use finesse to achieve an ideal fit. The screw flange should be snug to the wall covering with the screw head protruding for the bracket to hang on.

5. Hang your piece carefully to avoid marking the wall. it will be snug to the wall and may need steady, firm downward pressure to lock the screws into the bracket tightly.

wall art mounted securely, level and centered on the wall.

Stand back and admire your handy work, you did it! If you have any issues at all achieving the desired outcome, don't worry. Contact me directly and I will be glad to help you troubleshoot the installation. If you plan on hanging your art on concrete or tile, you may need additional tools and skills to complete the installation. If you are not familiar with anchoring to tile or concrete, a handyman would be advised to complete the install.

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