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Mesquite and Twilight Blue Epoxy Console Table 3/4 view

Mesquite and Twilight Blue Epoxy Console Table


At Carver Craftworks, we blend creative craftsmanship with the raw beauty of reclaimed mesquite wood. Our handmade console table is a statement piece that bridges rustic charm and modern elegance. Here’s why it deserves a place in your home: 

Craftsman Edge Beauty: The natural contours of live edge mesquite create an inner river that tells a story and contrasts beautifully with the straight clean lines of the beveled craftsman outer. Each grain pattern is unique, celebrating the tree’s journey of growth. 

Lustrous Black Epoxy: The sleek black epoxy resin infuses depth and gloss, contrasting beautifully with the warm wood tones. 

Versatile Design: Whether gracing your entryway, hallway, or living room, this console table adds functionality and style. Select between hairpin legs, box style black metal legs or contact me directly to discuss custom legs to suit your vision. 

Customizable: Choose dimensions, leg style and finishes to suit your space.  


Crafted from salvaged wood, this craftsman reclaimed mesquite and twilight blue epoxy resin console table is truly substantial, measuring 11 3/8" deep x 48” wide x 2” thick and is absolutely stunning. This massive slab was selected for its extreme thickness, wild live edge and intricate grain pattern full of figuring, knots and flame which is combined with a shimmering twilight blue epoxy that fills the voids with depth and sinuous movement.

Black matte box metal or hairpin console table legs, 28” tall, and bolts are shipped with the tabletop and can be assembled in a matter of minutes. The underside of the table has preinstalled furniture nuts providing a superior leg installation process that completely removes the danger of stripped screws during assembly and allows the possibility of easy repeated disassembly as needed. 

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