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Emerald Desk Organizer with Copper Inlay front

Emerald Desk Organizer with Copper Inlay


2” tall, 1 ½" wide and 9 ½" long 

Cell slot is 3 ½” long by 5/8” wide 


Our salvaged mesquite and emerald epoxy desk organizer with copper inlay features a unique combination of functionality, craftsmanship and artistry guaranteed to bring refreshing warmth and beauty into your workspace. With no detail left unattended to, the copper inlay holders are a decadent design detail that enhances the allure and richness, capturing attention. The large slot is oversized to accommodate a full-sized cellphone in a rugged case, or a wider variety of utilitarian office items and the mail slot can organize letterhead and business cards as needed. In a subtle display of refined technique, the bottom of each hole is filled with a thin layer of high gloss black epoxy to complete the design in the cleanest possible fashion.  

Our desk organizer is meticulously sanded to a super fine 320 grit and finished with 2 coats of hard wax oil, cured for 3 days before an additional coat of maintenance oil is applied. This multistage finishing process is designed to provide the greatest possible resistance to moisture, heat and wear while beautifying and enhancing the natural wood grain. So beautiful and smooth, you won't be able to keep your hands or eyes off it! 

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