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Triptych Wall Art - White Oak and Black Epoxy horizontal

Triptych Wall Art - White Oak and Black Epoxy


2 Outer pieces at 9.5"x15.25"x1"

1 Center piece at 19"x 15.25"x1"


At Carver Craftworks, we fuse innovative design with timeless elegance. Our handcrafted black epoxy and salvaged white oak wall triptych wall panel is more than art—it’s an immersive focal point that transforms your space; inviting you to contemplate the divergent static forces of preservation and the dynamic force of decay. Here’s why it’s a must-have: 

Abstract Asymmetry: Each piece is a symphony of uniformly random natural forms and a strictly rectilinear epoxy canvas, inviting you to explore depth and dimension. 

Innovative Sustainable Craftsmanship: Crafted from salvaged white oak and lustrous epoxy resin, our wall art honors bold natural, organic lines. 

Modern Matte Black and Natural Tones: The interplay of matte black epoxy resin and white oak cordwood creates a modern minimalist aura. 

Customizable: Choose sizes and arrangements to match your vision. 


Our panels come with hardware to allow for quick and secure horizontal or vertical mounting on a variety of surfaces. 

Meticulously sanded to a super fine 320 grit and finished with 2 coats of hard wax oil, cured for 3 days before an additional coat of maintenance oil is applied. This multistage finishing process is designed to provide the greatest possible resistance to moisture, heat and wear while beautifying and enhancing the natural wood grain. 

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