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White Oak and Ocean Blue Wall Art

White Oak and Ocean Blue Wall Art


This item is SOLD, but please contact us so we can collaborate to bring your vision to life; 




Our unique salvaged oak and ocean blue epoxy wall art is crafted to become a refreshing focal point of warmth beauty in any space. This singular piece of art contrasts the natural figuring of old growth white oak with the sinuous movement and depth of billowing epoxy rivers, inviting the eye to flow over its perfectly flat and smooth surface while contemplating the energies captured by the dynamic forces of creation and the static power of preservation. 

Meticulously sanded to 220 grit and finished with 2 flood coats of high gloss epoxy resulting in a thick glass like finish that clarifies and magnifies the highly figured wood grain. This multistage finishing process is designed to provide the greatest possible resistance to moisture, heat and wear while beautifying and enhancing the natural wood grain. 

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